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Internal/ External Sunbed Parts

To ensure smooth running of your commercial tanning unit and to maximise the comfort of your clients, stock up on our sunbed spare parts and accessories. Tanshare Ltd in West Midlands offers an extensive range of tanning accessories, ranging from eye protection to internal and external sunbed parts as well as sunbed tokens, replacement starters, sunbed pillows, sunbed handle, lamp holders, starter holders and stationery. Contact us today to place your orders.

• Sunbed Goggles - Box of 100

• Winkease - Roll of 250

Eye Protection

• Token Operated

• Pound Coin Operated

• Digital Counter

• Stainless Steel Lock

• Spare Parts Available

Sunbed LT3100 Meters

We also stock a range of replacement tubes as singles and boxes of 25. Our most popular sellers include Lightech Power Plus, Philips and Cosmedico tubes.

Replacement sunbed tubes

• L1 Tokens

• L2 Tokens

• L4 Tokens

• Eagle Token

Sunbed Tokens

• Ballasts

• Contactors

• Capacitors

• Gas Struts

• Sunbed Acrylics

Internal/ External Sunbed Parts

• Electronic Starters

• Philips Bodytone

• Cosmedico

• Light Tech

• All wattages available

Replacement Starters

• 20 x 14 x 5cm

• Range of Colours

Sunbed Pillows

• Strap for the aid of underarm tanning

• Set of 2 Straps

Sunbed Handle

• Clip fit lamp holders with starter holders

• Clip fit lamp holder

Lamp Holders/ Starter Holders

• Customer Record Cards

• Poster

• Brochures

• Display Stand

• Exit Stickers


Essential sunbed spare parts and accessories in the West Midlands!

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Replacement Starters Sunbed LT3100 Meters Eye Protection Sunbed Tokens Sunbed Pillows Sunbed Handle Lamp Holders/ Starter Holders Stationery