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Based on your requirements for replacement sunbed tubes, Tanshare Ltd supplies the right tubes at reasonable prices. You can purchase a full re-tube or stock up on a box of 25. You can visit our store to collect the order or we can deliver it to your salon. Take a look at our stock of sunbed spare parts.

Tanshare Ltd has an extensive stock of replacement sunbed tubes. Our popular sellers include Phillips, Cosmedico and Light Tech Power Plus Lamps. All products comply with new EU regulations.

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0.3W/m2 EU regulations on replacement sunbed tubes/ lamps

The EU regulations cover the entirety of Europe(EN number 60335-2-27), including the United Kingdom. They state that all sunbeds installed after 1st April 2009 must comply with the new output limit set at 0.3W/m2.


Although no date has been set by which older equipment must comply, all electrical equipment must comply with the “General Product Safety Regulations 2005”. This regulation states that all equipment must be defined as “safe”. Tubes that do not comply with the new 0.3 EU regulations can be defined as “unsafe” and so must therefore be modified in order to comply.

What is it?

The new 0.3 output of tanning equipment is comparable to the natural Mediterranean midday sun. Therefore, whilst the new generation of tanning tubes used in sunbeds will provide a higher UVA content, the maximum limit a sunbed complying with new regulations can output matches the maximum limit that human Caucasians are biologically evolved to cope with.


This means that sunbed users will get a deeper, more lasting tan.

Why make the change?

All commercial sunbed owners have been given a reasonable period of time to make the changes to their sunbeds. Please note that should they not take positive steps to comply with the 0.3 EU regulations more formal action may be taken in the future. We advise owners to check with their local councils for further details.

What does this mean for commercial sunbed owners?

We sell a range of lamps that comply with the new regulations and advise all our customers to undertake the conversion process as soon as they are able. Please contact us for further information regarding the conversion process and for details of our lamps that comply with these regulations.

What can Tanshare do?

Replacement sunbed tubes for sale in West Midlands!

Tanshare Ltd offers free delivery to local customers in West Midlands. We can also dispose of your old sunbed tubes in accordance with WEEE regulations for recycling.

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Full Range of Tubes in Stock

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Prices Start From £5.95